Sunday morning classes for adults

Zeteo Class – it’s for seekers

Zeteo is a Greek name chosen for a self-directed adult Sunday School Class that has a less-structured, more open style than usual.  Zeteo (dzay-TEH -o) means: “to seek in order to find out by thinking, meditating, reasoning, inquiry” in the Christian tradition of “faith seeking understanding” pursued by Protestants over the centuries, inspired by Augustine, whose Confessions envision faith as a journey-toward understanding.

Who we are

We are works in progress; a back-and-forth of question-marks and exclamation-marks – shaped by personal histories in education, engineering, theology, law-enforcement, health-care, living and travel abroad, parenting, marriage, divorce, other languages (ancient and modern), military intelligence, and biblical studies.

What we do

We meet Sunday in Classroom B (aka the Session Room), First Presbyterian Church, Murray, KY. 9:30 – 10:25 unless our schedule is modified temporarily.

We read and discuss books and other texts. Recognizing the historical limits of language, embedded in time and culture, we are mutually challenged by texts and each other to grow, affirming tentatively, in good humor, knowing that what we affirm today we may question tomorrow. There is no curriculum or textbook. What we read is chosen by consensus.

Class members take turns reading short portions and anyone can contribute to the discussion. We feel a certain freedom to wander apparently off-topic, which the Moderator or other class member links back to the text at hand.

Current and past readings

We are currently studying the Gospel according to John. 

Over the last decades, we have most often studied biblical texts, as works embedded (as are we)  in time and culture, endeavoring to witness to truth. We consult what scholars say and, as needed, check the original Hebrew and the Greek NT and  OT versions circulated in the ancient churches.


Pathfinder’s Class

IMG_2118 (1)

Psalm 25:4-5:  “Make me to know your ways, O Lord; teach me your paths.  Lead me in your truth, and teach me. for you are the God of my salvation; for you I wait all day long.”

The Pathfinder’s Sunday School Class meets at 9:30 in the Fellowship Hall.