Head & Heart current update

Dear Friends, we finally completed the final of four sessions we decided to devote to the very “heavy” and very thoughtful book by Walter Wink, Engaging the Powers.  His theology, psychology, and overall take on Christianity is significant enough that I feel sure that we will find ourselves referring to his ideas in the future.

BUT MEANWHILE, WE NEED A RESPITE from a 400+ page read and so will begin in February with a three page New York Times opinion piece entitled “How Can I Possibly Believe That Faith is Better than Doubt?” which was suggested by Terry Foreman — and which is able to be viewed here: Faith and Doubt–NYTimes-2017

We will meet on Thursday, February 15 to discuss this (please bring your copy if you can) and struggle once again as we have in the past with the  “faith vs/and reason” issue.  

I am also suggesting that we read as our next book Delwin Brown’s What Does a Progressive Christian Believe?: A Guide for the Searching, the Open, and the Curious. (2008; 122 pages).  This book too can serve as a way to revisit topics we have discussed in the past in our group.   I hope that in 2018 we can discuss more precisely (with our usual combination of openness and critical intelligence) this thing called Progressive [I prefer the word Incarnational] Christianity

Many thanks,  Ken