Pride of The South

Day 1: Begin your tour of the historically rich Lakes Region in Hopkinsville. Here, you will enjoy a delicious lunch at one of the wonderful local restaurants. Afterward, you’ll depart for the Jefferson Davis Monument. Take in the grand scale of the 300 foot tribute to the only president of the Confederacy! Take a few minutes to snap some photos, visit the gift shop, or even ride the elevator all the way to the top of the obelisk!
Now, hop back on the bus and depart for your hotel. After you settle in, take in the amazing scenery of Paris Landing State Park at its delicious buffet. After dinner, you will enjoy a presentation delivered by a local historian.

Day 2: Breakfast is just as good as dinner at Paris Landing, so fill up because there’s a big day ahead! Depart for Fort Henry site where a step-on guide will tell you the tale of this small, doomed fort and the larger role it played in the history of our nation.
Next, get ready for a trip back in time! The 1850s Homestead will show you how life was lived in those early days, feel free to lend a hand in the fields or help with the sewing!
You’ll stop for lunch next, and then on to Fort Donelson! On this guided tour, you’ll see the National Cemetery and the Dover Hotel (known as the, “Surrender House,” to the locals).

Day 3: The last day of the tour gives you one last shot at the wonderful breakfast spread offered by Paris Landing. From there, you’ll head into downtown Paris to see the Heritage Center where a private tour awaits. Then, have some fun shopping in historic downtown Paris, but don’t linger too long because the last stop is not to be missed. Arrive at Paris Winery, enjoy a free tasting, a relaxing stroll through the gift shop, and enjoy lunch at the onsite bistro!

All that’s left is to head home. Be safe, and y’all come back and see us!