Southern Medley

Day 1: Begin your tour, where you’ll see a little bit of everything the Lakes Region has to offer, at Lake Barkley Lodge. Enjoy the view from the restaurant’s upper deck while you enjoy a buffet loaded with incredible samplings of southern cuisine.

Day 2: Wake up bright and early to a heaping breakfast from the buffet. Make sure to eat up, you’ll need plenty of energy today! After breakfast, you’ll head over to the Elk and Bison Prairie! It’s 750 acres of perfect photo opportunities where you’ll see elk and American Bison in a natural habitat. Come during the spring for the best chance of seeing the mothers with their calves!
From there, you’ll head to the Woodlands Nature Station which features backyard exhibits, an indoor discovery center, and welcoming staff who will introduce you to the local animals. Next comes the 1850s Homeplace, where you will get to see life as it was lived over 150 years ago. Take a tour around the farm, help out in the fields, or even help the ladies with needlework!
After a quick lunch break, you’ll depart for Fort Donelson. Learn the history of this fort while you take photos near the preserved earth works. Enjoy the national cemetery, which commemorates the lives lost at the fort.
Next comes Paris Winery, located in historic Paris, Tennessee. Take a tour, enjoy a tasting, or just relax on the patio as you watch the sun set. Afterward, you’ll have a savory dinner from one of the local restaurants, then it’s back to Lake Barkley for some well-earned sleep.

Day 3: Have another hearty breakfast, and then you’re off to Cadiz, Kentucky! You’ll visit the Janice Mason Museum where you’ll enjoy the talent of some local artists. Get ready to shop, because next comes the tour of downtown. You’ll find a treasure in every store! Next, you’ll head to Hopkinsville, Kentucky. Take a break for lunch, the Brass Lantern comes highly recommended! Then, take a tour through the Woody Winfree Fire Museum. See the history of small town firefighting, with buggies, wagons, and an ongoing evolution of equipment.
Next up, the Jefferson Davis Museum, a 300 foot tall monument dedicated to the only president of the Confederacy, ride to the top and take a look around! Then, you’ll head to Grand Rivers, Kentucky for the best food around! Patti’s Settlement, voted Southern Living’s best non-chain restaurant in the southeast, will make sure you leave with a smile and a full stomach. After dinner, you can enjoy a Branson style comedy performance at the Variety theatre across the street. Then, it’s back to Lake Barkley.

Day 4: Wake up for one last taste of southern cooking at the buffet, and then head for home! Be safe, and be sure to come on back anytime you like!